Radio News:- ‘Opie Radio’ On Westwood One Podcast Network Debuts May 9.

The official date has been set for the debut of “Opie Radio” on the Westwood One Podcast Network. Gregg “Opie” Hughes will host a twice weekly podcast with the first episode publishing on Wednesday, May 9. New shows will be released on Mondays and Wednesdays, with a “big reveal” promised for the inaugural podcast.

“Hey, it’s Opie, I’m so excited to be in this cold conference room to promote my new podcast that’s dropping, the kids use dropping, right? May 9th,” he says on the teaser episode. Describing the new venture, Hughes says “I’ve had it with being in a radio station rotting day after day after day. So, I’m gonna pretty much hit the streets,” he explained. “I’m gonna be podcasting where all my friends hang out and I’m gonna be podcasting in places that I really like being at like at the beach fishing.” Opie said he was “thisclose” to retiring and fishing all day “and then I get a call from [WWO senior VP digital content] Tim Sabean… ‘you got to come back and do a podcast.’” He promised to have some of his friends from his previous radio shows on the podcast, such as Carl Ruiz from the Food Network, comedian Vic Henley and Sherrod Small, “then I’m gonna squeeze in some real celebrities,” he said.

Suzanne Grimes, executive VP, Marketing, Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One said her company’s podcast network “is the ideal platform for Opie to open up and tell his story.” Grimes continued, “Opie is a star, with a massive following and great chemistry with our head of digital content, Tim Sabean. This is a new chapter for Opie and we’re giving him the creative freedom to develop.”

The press release promised Opie would expose the truth on his debut show. “These geniuses at Westwood One want to have a big reveal for my first podcast,” he said during the two-and-a-half-minute audio teaser. “I’m not going to tell you what it is now, you’ll have to listen to that first podcast for that big reveal.”

Hughes was dismissed from SiriusXM Radio in July, with no reason given by the satcaster. Fans speculated his firing had to do with him filming a former show booker while in the bathroom.

Hughes was one-half of the infamous Opie & Anthony team that rose to fame on rock WAAF Boston and FM talker WNEW-FM New York—where they were fired after the “Sex for Sam 3” contest, where contestants allegedly had sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral while on the phone with the hosts. The pair moved to satellite radio in 2004. Anthony Cumia was let go from SiriusXM in 2014 after a series of racially insensitive tweets. Hughes continued the program with comedian and show member Jim Norton. Norton has since moved to his own show on SiriusXM, paired with former Opie & Anthony producer Sam Roberts.

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