Mash FM Stereo 91.7FM

Mash FM was established in November 2006 and registered in 2007 as an association incorporated under Section 21 of the Act registration number 2007/ 007454/ 08 and approved as a Public Benefit Organization by SARS registration no:* 930024369.

Mash FM is govern by a Board of Directors elected democratically by members of the community, to actively participate in the development and programming activities, for sustainable non-discriminatory and local development.

Mash FM was granted a special event license on the 13th March 2008 to 13th April 2008, which was 93.4 FM Stereo from ICASA and a permanent music license from SAMRO for music broadcasting compliance.

Mash FM is also a member of the national and provincial community radio forum and it’s finally granted a Class Broadcasting Services License on the 22nd of January 2010 by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

Dj’s / Omroepers:-
to be announced / moet nog aangekondig word